About Us

Avalio Ltd. is representing the SST Group in East Mediterranean area.

Founded in 1991, SST Group is the largest in Russia and one of the world’s largest providers of residential and commercial heating cable solutions and industrial heat tracing systems.

SST Group are a national competence and industry expertise center in the area of electric heating systems and heating cable based solutions designed for domestic, commercial and industrial use.

SST Group are a vertically integrated holding that employs over 2,000 specialists. The Group encompasses four production plants, an industrial R&D center, an engineering company, several distribution companies, and an international branch network.

SST Group accompany each product throughout every stage of the life cycle: from consulting & project design to serial production, servicing & after-sales service.

SST Group stats:

  • The total length of heating cables produced by SST Group amounts to over 1,300,000 km, i.e. three times greater than the distance between the Earth and the Moon
  • 13,000,000 heating systems installed worldwide
  • 5,500,000 temperature control equipment units are used in operating heating systems
  • Company products are exported to 47 countries worldwide